Learning Mandarin and Travelling Asia


I’ve been learning Mandarin recently and I had a chance to get a good online chinese tutor to help with my Chinese.  I usually do a Skype lesson with my Mandarin tutor about once a week.  For a foreigner, it’s pretty hard getting the tones down but my tutor helps me out and I have lot of patience.  Mandarin is a pretty tough language but it’s possible to master it as I’ve met other foreigners who have managed to master Mandarin.

I’ve had a chance to visit China before and it was a blast; definitely fun times back then.  I was in Shanghai and it was tonnes of fun so I want to go back again but of course, it helps you to get around if you can speak some basic Mandarin.  I look forward to going back to China and possibly visiting some other countries around Asia as well.  When I go back, I hope to be able to visit Korea, Japan, and of course the beaches in Thailand and Malaysia.