Cheap domain hosters


So you want to get WordPress up and running and you’re looking for a hosting provider.  These days, you can get extremely cheap hosting providers.  Right now, I’m using Hobohost and they charge $1 a month.  I’m running on Apache and Linux with CPanel.  For the price I’m paying, it’s very reasonable.  Interestingly, there are other hosters out there that are also charging $1 a month for hosting.  As long as you don’t have too much traffic, it may be worthwhile to check out some of these other hosters.  People have said good things about Bluehost and HostGator but they’re a bit more expensive; having said that, even though they are a little more expensive, I have heard that they do provide a more stable hosting environment and the support may be a little bit better.

Good luck with your hosting and I hope you find a stable and cheap host!