Windows or Linux?

This is a widely asked question when people decide to install WordPress.  Should I install WordPress on Linux or Windows?  In my observation, the better question to ask is probably whether WordPress should be installed on Apache or IIS.  Granted, it’s most likely you’re running Apache if you’re running Linux and you’re probably running IIS if you’re running Windows.  Most people that have installed WordPress on Windows with IIS claim that WordPress runs fine.  It’s hard to believe that after so many years of WordPress being released, all the issues haven’t been ironed out of WordPress compatibility with Windows by now.



However, some claim that PHP works a bit better with Apache.  I have not seen too much evidence that PHP works poorly with IIS, but since PHP was originally designed with Apache in mind, I suppose PHP might work better with IIS.  In my opinion, if you are doing only the most basic things with PHP, I think IIS is just fine.  However, if you plan to develop a very complex website and you figure you will push the edges of what PHP can do, I would suggest that you’re better off going with Linux and Apache.




Having said that, I believe WordPress should work fine for the majority of folks out there that want to use Windows and IIS.  In general, WordPress runs quite stable on Windows and IIS (the debate of whether Windows or IIS is stable is a completely different matter).  It’s for the few folks that want to push PHP to the edges that probably would prefer Linux and Apache.