CPanel thoughts


CPanel is probably the most popular control panel on the market today and is used by many hosting companies over the Internet.  The user interface is quite friendly for CPanel and you have easy access to all the programs and functionality with just a few simple clicks.  Installing programs and scripts is also easy and most hosting companies have the scripts ready for you to install by just a few clicks.  Probably the main drawback of CPanel is that is requires Linux.  Linux is a great operating system but it’s a bit cumbersome and has a steeper learning curve than say, Mac OS or Windows.  Having said that, Linux is a very secure and stable OS and best of all, it’s free.  If you can manage to get CPanel installed on Linux, everything else typically goes smoothly.  It’s quite easy to install WordPress and to setup your website.  The file manager and uploader is quite easy to use and it’s pretty much click here, click there, very intuitive.